The Network Interdependence in Social Systems (NISS) lab is an interdisciplinary lab based in the Political Science Department at the Ohio State University. The lab coordinates several major projects, all of which are  thematically united in that they all probe aspects of how network interdependence drives political, social, and even cognitive systems. The NISS Lab focuses on comparatively higher risk research, but research with the potential to have paradigm-shifting implications for behavioral and social science research. 

NISS Lab Affiliates 

Skyler J. Cranmer, Carter Phillips and Sue Henry Associate Professor and NISS Lab Director

Jason Morgan, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Paul Stillman, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Eli Assaf, Graduate Student

Aisha Bradshaw, Graduate Student

Ben Campbell, Graduate Student

Caitlin Clary, Graduate Student

Alison Craig, Graduate Student

Jared Edgerton, Graduate Student

Daniel Kent, Graduate Student

Caleb Pomeroy, Graduate Student

Seoeun Yang, Graduate Student

Lleyton Li, External Graduate Fellow